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Interview with DANGER☆GANG

Could you introduce yourselves to our readers?
Waka: I'm vocalist Waka.
Hiko: I'm the guitarist Hiko.
Thera: Bassist Thera.
Rei: Drummer Rei.

How did you all meet?
Danger Gang: We formed around Waka and Hiko who were together in a previous band. After that we recruited Rei and she joined. Then we were introduced to Thera, she joined and became one of our current members.

What was your inspiration for forming a visual kei rock band? When you knew you wanted to perform, did you feel like "I definitely want to do visual kei rock" or did you think any kind of music would be fine?
Danger Gang: All of the members have our respective musical roots, but for the purpose of expressing the band called Danger Gang we felt inspired to do a visual kei rock band.

Had any of you been in a band before, and what was your role there?
Danger Gang: We've all been in bands before, and we each had the same role then that we have now.

How did you choose your stage names?
Waka: It's what I've been called since I was born.
Hiko: It's my father's nickname.
Thera: From TheraPy.
Rei: Because it's my real name.

Thera, you joined the band in 2005. Did you feel right at home with this band immediately or were there things you had to get used to?
Thera: I joined liking the band's songs and direction, so I was able to get used to it immediately. I was also able to appear on stage smoothly because the members helped me.

Being an all girl band in a male-dominated scene, have you received some criticism? And if so, how do you respond to those comments?
Danger Gang: We understood this was a male dominated scene, and we dared to form an all girl band and jump into this world. We'll keep moving forward, believing in ourselves!

What about your fan base? For a lot of bands the audience is mostly girls, but at your live shows do you see mostly females, mostly males, or a pretty even mix?
Danger Gang: We have a lot of female fans, but recently the number of male fans has been increasing.

How would you describe your music?
Danger Gang: ROCK!!

Your first full album St. Beast came out on July 21! Can you tell us anything about it?
Danger Gang: It's overflowing with live taste. Please listen to this roaring loud CD of "LIVE BAND Danger Gang"!!

Lately when making songs, what are the things you are most conscious of?
Danger Gang: Making lyrics with a strong message and melodies that are easily conveyed. We also want to make a fun mood and ROCK sound, and we are consciously trying to make songs that give POWER to the listener.

What's your process for making songs, and does everyone contribute? 
Danger Gang: Each member arranges her part based on the composer's original tune. After that we finish it as a band, focusing on the composer's original intention for the song.

Last year you performed at Shikkoku no Symphony festival in Saitama with a number of other bands and in front of a huge audience. How was that experience? 
Danger Gang: That was the best!! It was a really good feeling.

For your fans who don't understand Japanese, could you tell us some of the themes in your lyrics?
Danger Gang: It's the inspiration they get from the songs, and positive messages.

Who are some of the people or bands that have influenced you?
Waka: X JAPAN and Korn.
Hiko: X JAPAN and hide.
Thera: X JAPAN and Linkin Park.
Rei: X JAPAN and KISS.

Your song Retsu has a lot of English lyrics in it - why did you decide to put these in English, and were there difficulties writing lyrics that way?
Danger Gang: The English lyrics were an influence on us from Western music. Although English isn't our forte, we're happy our feelings were expressed.

You participated on a women's compilation CD; how did that collaboration come about?
Danger Gang: Yes, Gothic Emily. Our office got an invitation for us to participate, and we were really interested in it, so we felt honored to accept.

What are your goals now as a band, or future plans?
Danger Gang: Success on our tour where we'll perform St. Beast! And we want to express Danger Gang to more people.

Is there any country outside of Japan you'd really like to play in?
Danger Gang: We want to tour in Asia and Europe!!

Can you give a message to your overseas fans?
Danger Gang: Hello!! Everyone, thank you so much for always supporting us!! Please listen to our first album we poured our soul into. We look forward to meeting you all!! THANK YOU!!

Danger Gang - Love is blind

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