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G, ale i tak nie rozumiem, co Ci przeszkadza w angielskich postach xp Wujek Google zawsze pomoże ; p

BAAL - Goth with Cyber Gothic band (unknow accurate style) is in the musical since 2001, their sound is a sort of Electro Industrial Metal, or as they call themselves: "Native Cybernetic Heavy Industrial Rock".

Some say they look like Marilyn Manson, but this is a layman's idea, the sound of Baal has its own originality. This mix of the voice of U-Tarou feminine tone in a distorted way (note that the music vermin).

BAAL name comes from the Hebrew word that means "lord" or "ruler", because, as the founder of the band, MIKITO, said in an interview, "BAAL is like a god, conducting my creativity, self-expression, and every aspect of my life ". 
Before changing the name, BAAL was known as CHRONOTRIGGER. In 2003, they released a demo of the title identical with the name of the team, including three songs. CHRONOTRIGGER also played a lot live.

In June 2005, three members of the CHRONOTRIGGER - U-tarou, MIKITO and Chihiro - decided to change the name of the band to show the evolution of the formation. That same year, in September, played on JUNK CHILDREN # 1, an event organized by BRAIN SCAN LABORATORY, private label, under whose flag BAAL and Despair organized and played concerts. At the same time, BAAL "Bloody_Logic_Communication" released their debut single, by the way she is also a limited edition collector's Wreckage. In January 2006 BAAL performed at BAPTIZM JUNK # 1 - All participants could receive a club gig Junk edit and remix Bloody_Logic_Communication Children free.

In May of the same year, BAAL performed at Tokyo Dark Castle, a monthly event that is known for its Gothic and industrial music. In August, the band performed at the JUNK BAPTIZM # 2 in Tokyo. At the concert, organized by BRAIN SCAN LABORATORY, participants again received gifts - special remix on the surface.

In September 2006 BAAL was a punk band closing fashion show Tokyo's Laforet for Sexy Dynamite London. The musicians ended the year the long-awaited release of the first mini-album consists of six tracks. TERRITORY OF BAAL was released in November and it is these songs the band played on their first European tour, including five shows in the Netherlands and Germany.

In March 2007 BAAL introduced its own brand Blackguard official HERO, which are signed with their t-shirts, stickers and posters. Later that same month, the band embarked on their second tour of Europe, performing in Germany three times.


BAAL released their second mini-album, RELIGION 616 composed of five pieces, in June 2008. That same month, the band took part in the Cyber ​​Punk Baroque Ball: Angelspit vs BAAL performing four concerts in Australia, together with the electro-industrial group in Sydney - Angelspit.

The year 2009 was very busy for the team. Musicians performed twice podzas Tokyo Dark Castle in Shinjuku MARZ. July 11 BAAL organized their own event KING OF EVIL 13 chapter 1 Area 666 in Shinjuku MOTION.

Since then BAAL definitely limited his activity to the presence of the different events, even as successive editions of Tokyo Dark Castle. So far, nothing is known about their future releases.

BAAL - Religion 616

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