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Interview with A[ace]

I know you don't like when I public English posts >u<
Special for G : polish interview

Can be represented? 
Nimo: Hello, I'm Nimo, a crew member responsible for making sure that enchant your ears and heart to conquer your voice. 
Rookie: Hi, I'm a Rookie, a man of the violin, but not only. Nice to meet you. 
Toshi: Hello everyone, I'm Toshi. Can you also say "fiery bass". 

How did your team? How did you meet? 
A: We came into this world, not knowing what awaits us in the future. Grew, and ultimately the fate of us joined together under one name, with one dream and one goal. We met because it was supposed to be. And we have created, because in each of us was a piece of the same ideas. We are stronger, we are who we are, by submitting with each of these parts. 

On what basis did you choose the name of the A (ACE)-Anonymous Confederate Ensemble-? Behind it have any special meaning? 
A: If you are told, it would have seemed our secret, and well ... we would not have any more Anonymous Ensemble (anonymous team), right ...? 

Call yourself Anonymous Confederate Ensemble, but also A or A (ACE). What is the correct way to write the name of your band? 
A: That's the correct way to write this, and pronunciation is ACE.

Can you explain to us the concept of the band? Why did you choose a pirate theme? Is it something you will stick to, or maybe you are planning a change in the future? 
A: We are now in the course of traveling around the world, during which we get many treasures and hearts of our Hearties (the so-called fans of the band, note.'s). Pirates are free souls, traveling around the globe, taking what they consider to be valuable to them and absorb it myself, whether in the design, or music, or behavior. That's why we chose such a life, to find what is precious to us and steal our hearts Hearties. When you choose the pirate life, probably not coming back from this path. Once you get a taste of complete freedom, it's hard to start again, follow the rules of everyday life, is not it? 

One of the members of the band, according to what is written on your website, was "traveling." What do you mean? Does he come back from the team? Going can recruit new members to your crew?
 A: Mucho Gracias is now on the road. Only he knows how long it will take and where it fails this path. 

Where you come from? Does this place have an impact on your music? 
A: We are Anonymous Confederate Ensemble (anonymous Confederate band). We are everywhere, just like our music. Every place, situation, person or object play a role and influence the music you create. Treasure that we have chosen to be a part of us, now we give to the world, that he drew from his joy. 

What makes your band stand out from others? Is it the fact of having in its composition violinist? Rookie Fiddler, why did you choose this instrument and decided to use their skills in a visual kei band? 
A: If we play the violin, the sound of the purest emotions stir. We are pirates, so I will venture to compare it to travel across the open ocean. Sometimes, their sound is low, whispering like the wind, is warm, like the warm rays of the sun on a calm day. Then he can climb higher in the registers at once, until it reaches such a high scale that it feels as if you're caught in the middle of a storm, the wind rages, everything happens so fast, but when you get to the point where you think that nothing else will happen ... everything dies, and fades ... and right after that he whispers again, if you love Heartie sang a lullaby to sleep. The combination of violin sound of rock music with just another way to change something familiar, something new. That's what we're doing this and more. 

If you had to recommend just one song from your repertoire to someone who does not know you yet, which would you choose? 
A: Night of the Knights! Because this song perfectly combines all the elements that define A. If you have not listened, please, do it! We are confident that you'll love it! 

One of your albums, White Album, was inspired by the music of other countries. What are your influences? 
A: As we said earlier, we draw inspiration from many different things, but one is obvious: you will wake as the Japanese passion is reflected in the songs. 

Music from the state was the most difficult to interpret? 
A: No, and at the same time each. You see, when you take something, or "borrow", you want it because you like it. The same is true when it comes to our music, when something we like, assimilate it into our hearts and minds. We consider that we merge this with our souls, desires and wishes ... and then let this get out in the form of our music. Sometimes this process takes a few minutes, sometimes longer. But if you do something with passion, nothing is difficult. 

How would you have identified your newest release, the album Tales of the Abyss for? 
A: Tales of the Abyss for the next step in the journey A. It contains, as any of our publications, the things that make us who we are. Our feelings, experiences and thoughts. All of this occurs in this form, and we only collect it. So now, in return for your dedication and heart, our dear Hearties, we give you this song. 

You will be the first time to play in Europe. Are you excited about the prospect of playing in front of a foreign audience?
A: Yes, of course. We are excited and we hope to see as many people who will join our journey. You can not have any claim on something they do not know or do not have, so can not say much about the European public, but you politely ask you to help us and share with us the most important thing for us. We want to be with you, meet you, laugh and spend happy moments together. 

The route is called Absolute Conquest of Europe (complete podój Europe). Do you think that your music can conquer the hearts of European fans?
A: We are confident that it will. One of the advantages of our music is every easy to absorb. Blend concluded its elements, goes not only for the ears and mind, but also the hearts, and before you know it, something awakens in them: a memory, a feeling. In our music we put all our love and we want to believe that the people listening to it, they can feel the love. If we give you our hearts, how can we not raise your? 
What do you expect from the upcoming European tour? Which of the countries most want to visit?
A: We're excited about every place that come to visit us, because every corner of the world is beautiful and hidden their treasures. We want to give great performances and see how people enjoy every moment spent with us. 
Nimo: I like sweets. France will try delicious French pancakes. 
Toshi: I wonder what you have pizza. 
Rookie: I heart! 

Some concerts you play Anli Pollicino together with. Do you know it? What is the relationship between your teams? 
A: Anli Pollicino are our friends and we are delighted that together for you wystąpimy. We look forward to these shows and we promise to give my all to every performance was the best I've ever seen. 

Can you pass the end of the message to our readers?
A: The first time wystąpimy abroad. We can not wait to see many Hearties from Europe, so come and party together. See you soon!

A - Goddess

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  1. Dobre i to że dałaś link do przetłumaczonego wywiadu ;p
    Toshi-Ognisty bass xD
    Chyba zostane ich fanką całkiem fajne mają te piosenki ^^


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