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Interview with BAAL

Can you tell us a little about the origins of your band? When you started business as CHRONOTRIGGER and how to even meet?

Mikito: CHRONOTRIGGER was launched five years ago. Now that I think about it, was the prototype for CHRONOTRIGGER BAAL. Already wanted to start your own project, but ...U-tarou: But I could not find members. I know Mikito for 10 years. When my band broke up, I found out that the singer is looking for, so I volunteered.
Mikito: Arranged a session and it turned out that the atmosphere is good.

BALL is not a visual kei band, but you focus on the visual aspect. What do you think about the fact that some people perceive you as a visual kei band?

U-tarou: I do not mind it.
Mikito: Whether you are a visual kei or not, does not matter. Also I'm wearing make-up at the moment.
U-tarou: It's just a form of art, one of the ways in which we express ourselves. But in the future this may change. I do not know.
Mikito: We use only the image of the performances, it's a way of expressing themselves. This make-up (points to the makeup covering his face and body) is not "cute". (Everyone laughs because Mikito makeup combined with his tattoos done pretty scary feeling). Our songs talk about the struggle for survival, struggle with sadness, despair, etc. You do not have to be beautiful or handsome, but in the case of visual kei, so it is with most teams.

In the visual kei look most counts, but for you the most important is the music, right? The image is only a method of artistic expression?

Mikito: Of course.

How do you usually compose your songs?

Mikito: I am the main composer.
U-tarou: He is also a producer. First, he writes music, and then I make it a word. In fact, the music and the words appear almost at the same time.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

U-tarou: When composing, the most important for him his own emotions.
Mikito: When I'm angry or sad, I can hear the sounds in my head, I play it on the keyboard and then try to give that sound.
U-tarou: My lyrics are by me, of me, that's my feeling. That's my feeling, feelings that I have for myself, my family and friends. If my body is filled with anger and sadness, I have to throw up these emotions. I can not write if my emotions are not strong enough.

Does your music have a message?

Mikito: We do not have any particular message to the government or the people, but if people listen to our music, I hope you feel something through it, all the same, whether it is something positive or negative.
U-tarou: My lyrics are mainly my emotions, my friends, my job, all the people I'm referring to. These are my own thoughts and feelings. But perhaps my words speak to other people, because they feel the same.

BAAL seems to be mainly influenced by the Western teams, but if there are any Japanese bands that have inspired you?

Mikito: Japanese artists do not have a major impact on our sound, but of course, being younger, I listened to many Japanese teams. There is one artist who has a big influence on me: hide. No, wait, there are more, such as THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS.

What is the Japanese industrial scene? Is very different from Europe?
Mikito: I do not know too well the European scene. But do you have in Europe a lot of good teams, for example, Punish Yourself from France. There are other teams, not quite industrial, such as Rammstein, Atari Teenage Riot, KMFDM, they also have an influence on me. There is some things in common between the stage in Europe and Japan, both are bands that mix genres, such as Schwarz Stein, a cool band. The biggest difference between our scenes is the scene in Japan is very, very small and closed.
U-tarou: And really unknown.
Mikito: Industrial music is not very popular in Japan. But we have a few teams.
U-tarou: These teams know each other. My friends are playing in other bands industrialowych. For example, members of Despair are our good friends. Often we act together with Despair at festivals in Japan, and organize joint events. Today, the stage will be the flag of BSL, Brain Scan Laboratory.
MIKITO: This is my label, it is BAAL and Despair.

Yesterday you played in Cologne, as you go?

Mikito & U-tarou: It was great!
U-tarou: It was really great. European fans are a little shy, but it is full of passion. If I shouted to them, "Hey," they immediately odkrzykiwali it back. The Japanese are a bit limited, but the Europeans, although they are shy, they are really cute. At the beginning I did not think that our show will be a lot of people, but it turned out that there were a lot of them, so I was very happy. But even if this ends up as just 10 people, do not bother me. I just want to play music. The number of people in the audience does not count.

How do you feel, having the opportunity to play in Europe?

Mikito: At the beginning of my acquaintance contacted Astana. (agency organizing the tour)
U-tarou: He told us Astanowi. Then they contacted us for an interview and then asked if we wanted to come to Germany and play the tour in Europe. It took us a long time and it was hard. We had to trust each other.

In what other country would like to have experience?

Mikito: I would like to go back to Germany. And to France.
U-tarou: New York and London.
Mikito: In London, the industrial scene is good, but it can be hard.

Your current route is the route solo. Are you able be interested perform at a festival in Europe, along with other European teams?

Mikito: I would like to play at the festival as Amphi, which performed Calmando Qual.
U-tarou: We like Combi Christ. We hope that one day we will play together. (Mikito turns to the tour organizer and, laughing, said that the next time they want to be in Europe with Combi Christ)

Or outside BAAL are involved in any other projects?

Mikito: No, just BAAL. Nothing else is allowed. (laughs)
U-tarou: It would not be possible. If you do not spend all my energy Baal, he (pointing to Mikito) becomes aggressive. When I'm wrong on stage, is the same.
Mikito: When she makes mistakes, I get very angry! (all laugh)

During this tour you sell music TERRITORY OF "BAAL", available only in Europe. Why did you decide to sell it only here and not in Japan?

Mikito: This is the first tour on Europe ...
U-tarou: It is very important to us. We wanted to make it a "souvenir".
Mikito: So far, we performed only in Japan, and people in Europe it is difficult to buy a Japanese CD. BAAL is not famous, our records are not sold in stores, only online.

Are you going to release another version of the album in Japan?

Mikito: After returning to Japan, we will release another version.

U-tarou, during an earlier interview you mentioned that you are practicing ballet. Does this have any effect on your performances on stage?

U-tarou: (laughs) I do not. I exist and I like classical ballet. But when I stand on stage and sing a song, everything is completely different. But really I like classical ballet costumes.

Many industrial units use a drum machine, however, you decide to make a "real" drummer. Why?

Chihiro (drummer who does not speak much English, so far did not speak): My game is very spicy, very energetic.
Mikito: BAAL is replaced by industrial and industrial normally is programmed percussion. But BAAL is industrial-rock band, by "live" drum is very aggressive, and we need aggressive sound of the drums.
U-tarou: Rock needs drummer.
Mikito: And Chihiro can play with headphones. Usually drummers don't like headphones.

What are your plans for the future for your band? Are you going to concentrate on Europe or stay in Japan?

Mikito: We do not intend to focus only on Japan, we want to spread our sound to the world. Maybe our sound is just as good as the sound of European teams.

Do you have any concerts planned on returning to Japan?

Mikito: Yes, this year we play two more events.
U-tarou: This month we play on the one party, and in December we perform on the Tokyo Dark Castle.

BAAL - Lilith

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