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PANIC☆ch , Meguru

Meguru [メグル]

Born : 28 October
Function in group : Vocal
Blood type : 0
Feasible height : 170cm
Feasible weight : 55 kg
Cigarette : Marlboro Light [why everybody burn Marlboro? .__.]
Favourite food : Sushi, yakitori, tempura
Favourite marks : Royal Order, HYS, Lonsdale, Vivienne
Favourite colors : Blue, black, yellow, deep blue
Favourite artists : Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Limp Bizkit, Green Day, Balzac, Marilyn Manson, Mad Capsule,
Favourite mangas : Dragon Ball, Karekano, Urayasu
Like womens : Nice
Authorities : Kuromi, Vegeta, Zenmai Samurai
Message to fans : Please live with a smile... and even if it's just once in your lifetime, please come and let's laugh and cry together. You're our members.
Twitter : MEGURUofficial

Tittle - tattle :
  • Likes dogs and penguins
  • Drinks beer and coffee [not only : F]
  • Loves shoult [me too *w*]
  • He likes walk on the Harajuku Street, park and going to studio
  • Likes women's legs
  • Likes comment of movie [like me ^-^]
  • Likes gillflowers [: o]
  • Loves "Happy Time", "UmaiBou", "Karintou" }candy
  • He sometimes buys clothes in "second hands"
  • Loves games like Momtarou Dentetsu, Dragon Quest
  • Loves singing, cooking, walking, writing lyrics, playing games
  • Likes people with beautiful eyes, fair skin, smile
  • Doesn't like soba (food)
  • Doesn't like speaking about shadowish things
  • Has Toriyama Akira's autograph and picture drew Vegeta
  • Wants become a cool boy

Panic Channel - ~Kuuhaku~

Przed chwilą mój kot śmiertelnie rozszarpał mi chomika ; C [*]

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