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Interview with SCREW

This will be the first time Screw will be performing in Singapore, how are you all feeling right now?
Byou: This is my first time visiting Singapore, so I'm looking forward to both the event and also the visit to Singapore.
Kazuki: I can't wait to go to Singapore as this will be my first time being there. I'm very happy to participate in the event.
Manabu: Singapore was one of the countries I have always wanted to visit, so I'm very happy to be there this time.
Rui: I've visited Malaysia before but this is my first time in Singapore, so I'm looking forward to this visit.
Jin: This is the first time I am visiting Singapore, so I want to take the advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the visit.

There will also be a lot of other Asian artistes performing on the day itself, how does it feel being part of the artistes chosen and are you all excited for it?
Byou: I'm happy to participate in the event.
Kazuki: I feel honored to be able to participate this event.
Manabu: I'll be able to be exposed to different kinds of music so I'm looking forward to the event.
Rui: I'm so excited to play with other artists from different music genre.
Jin: I think I'll be inspired and also I'll enjoy the event.

So far, has anyone traveled to Singapore on their own? If yes, please share a brief experience. If no, what is your impression of Singapore?
Byou: The event venue is famous in Japan and so I imagine it to be a beautiful place.
Kazuki: As Marina Bay Sands Hotel was used in one of the ads in Japan, I have this impression of Singapore to have many beautiful shopping malls and tourist attractions.
Manabu: I have never been to Singapore, the place seems to have beautiful sceneries.
Rui: I have been to Malaysia but not Singapore. It seems that the event venue, Sentosa, has gotten a lot of places to visit. So I'm planning to enjoy that.
Jin: Its my first time. I have an impression that both buildings and nature are beautiful.

Is there anything special any of you would like to do in Singapore?
Byou: As this is my first time to visit, I would love to go around the country to do some sightseeing.
Kazuki: Well, it's again all about live. I want to make as many of our fans in Singapore as possible enjoy it.
Manabu: I'd like to do some sightseeing. I would also like to see Marina Bay Sands from a short distance.
Rui: I cook at home so whenever I go overseas, I enjoy local food.
Jin: As this is my first time visiting Singapore, I'd like to do some sightseeing and shopping.

Sales of J-Rock CDs are rare to find in Singapore, thus the popularity of it will be lower. Will it be possible to develop into the Singapore market?
Byou: When we announced that we are going to Singapore, we received many messages saying "Thank you for coming", so we will do our best to able to sell CDs in Singapore too. In order to achieve this, we want to make this Sundown show a successful one.

Will there be anything interesting that will happen during the performance in Singapore?
Jin: We will rock the most amongst all the participating artistes at Sundown. We hope that all the the people who are coming to see Screw to be happy.

Your new looks are very polished, but the album is very aggressive. Was this the intent? What story is the music video of "CAVALCADE" trying to tell?
Kazuki: In the PV of "CAVALCADE", we express the mind of a comedy writer. We didn't try to express differently, rather I think our aggressiveness has evolved in our PV. But we think that it is really up to the audience on how they feel.

Any last message for all Singapore fans?
Byou: This is our first time in Singapore. Let's party together!
Kazuki: Looking forward to meeting you all. Let's have fun!
Manabu: Looking forward to meeting you all!
Rui: I can't wait to see you all. Please wait for us in Singapore!
Jin: I'm so looking forward to meeting you all. So please wait for us!

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