piątek, 22 marca 2013

Coversation Hero with Kiryu

Jin (HERO's Vocal): Do you like girls?
Mahiro: No, NO WAIT! YES! YES!
Jin: Reaaally...
Jin: Can I introduce some girls to you?
Mahiro: Are they pretty?
Jin: Well... They...
Mahiro: No.

Sarshi (Hero's Guitarist): Yeah, so something weird happened at this live right?
Junji (yelling at Sarshi without a mic): I didn't mean to!
Sarshi: Let's watch this clip to see an instant replay of him mess up...
(Camera man replays a clip of Hiyori's bass solo during Tsuki no Hime, Mitsuki starts playing too soon, cuz Junji gave him his que too early)
Junji: I messed up.
Mitsuki: Yeah, that's fine, I'll yell at him later.

Sarshi: So, if your girlfriend and Hiyori was drowning in the sea, what would you do?
Mitsuki: I'd sigh and say: "Ah~ The sea is beautiful, isn't it."
Sarshi & Hiyori simultaneously: THAT'S CRUEL!

Mahiro: Okay, describe yourselves with one word.
Jin: Cute!
Sarshi: Quick! (as in, quick-witted)
Yu-ta: Fun!
Yusuke: Eh..
Mahiro: Okay! Next...
Yusuke: HEY!

Yusuke: That wasn't fair, what about you guys! Describe yourself, let's see how fast you can think.
Kiryu, In unison: Dumb!

Yu-Ta: I've noticed your make-ups are elaborate, how long did you take?
Mitsuki: Thirty minutes.
Hiyori: Three hours to meditate into my character.
Takemasa: I need to sleep in for an hour and when I wake up I'm already in my make-up.

Audience: What gives you the strength to wake up in the morning and be motivated?
Mitsuki: Hiyori's cute butt.

Audience: What’s your favorite english word or phrase?
Sarshi: Cheeseburger

Sarshi: What are some ways to get rid of stress?
Hiyori: Sexually assault Takemasa-sensei
Yu-ta: If you hadn't become a musician...
Hiyori: I wouldn't want to eat cucumber
Junji: Who the hell are you?!
Jin: If you could go back in time, when would you want to go back to?
Mahiro: What time? Around, hmm... 7am
Junji: There are goods and things in the past, but choose to stay in the present
Takemasa: I'd go back to when I was born
Mitsuki: Fourth year of middle school
Hiyori: We can't go back in time... (sigh and makes a sad face)
Jin: And why is that?
Mahiro: Probably because there's morning MacDonald's
Junji: Ah, I said it above
Takemasa: Dunno
Mitsuki: Because the whole class was stupid anyway
Hiyori: Let's fly toward the future (makes the superman flying action)


Hero - Yasashii Kotoba


Kiryu - Kisai

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